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Jobticmag is a human resources magazine associated with the gateway

Jobticmag informs you regularly with the latest news about the job market.

Furthermore,, it informs you from time to time, by the way of interviews, about issues related to employment.The magazine also aims to provide information and advice concerning human resources in sectors stretching from workers? rights to job interviews or training and further education opportunities.

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Jobtic Mag, the online magazine on employment, human resources and training.

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Last articles

The Three Pillars of Switzerland ...
Labour law    21-04-2010
The Three Pillars of Switzerland    According to an international comparison by the Mercer society, Switzerland has one of the better graded social security systems in the world. What sort of system would that be...

Economic Rebound in Electronics
Special files    19-04-2010
 Economic Rebound in Electronics 2010, according to electronics manufacturers, will be the year of the rebound. After the decreasing sales due to the economic crisis, they hope to see better days thanks to the...

Special files    15-04-2010
 Electronics    Older than you may imagine, yet young among the sciences, electronics were born in 1904, with the invention, by John Ambrose Fleming, of the vacuum tube. What are electronics e...

Recruiting Trends 2010 Switzerland...
Jobs market    15-04-2010
 Recruiting Trends 2010 Switzerland  A study by shows that qualified workers are lacking in Switzerland. This study, by the name of "Recruiting Trends 2010 Switzerland", was done in collaboration with t...

Work Peace
Conflicts    06-04-2010
 Work Peace From France to Switzerland, there is an entirely different approach to the employer/employee conflict. While in France the trend is to "go on strike first, negotiate later", to...

Managing Stress
Conflicts    25-09-2008
 Managing Stress   It is no secret that stress in the workplace is a recurring cause of tensions between co-workers. Maybe you have experienced yourself the feeling of losing control of event...

Religion, Work Ethic and the Econo...
Looking for a job    10-09-2008
 Religion, Work Ethic and the Economy :  A Common Thread ?    Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, De La Harpe. Do those names ring a bell ? You do remember those history books back in your school days, right ? Well in case that was a...

Living and Working in Switzerland:...
Labour law    20-08-2008
 Living and Working in Switzerland: Which Residence Permit ?   Feeling lost and confused ?  Don't worry , you are probably not the only one to find the Swiss permit system mind-boggling. Switzerland has no less than eight ...

Advertorial    31-07-2008
 CRSbusiness    Internet is a revolutionary invention which first saw the light, as so many times, in the USA, in 1969, during the Cold war; much progress has been accomplished up until th...

The prize Möbius for Orientation.c...
Managing your carreer    25-07-2008
The prize Möbius for The ATS (Agence Télégraphique Suisse) source shares with us the mention obtained by the portal The Swiss 2008 Möbius Prize in the category "Education...

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