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Jobticmag is a human resources magazine associated with the gateway

Jobticmag informs you regularly with the latest news about the job market.

Furthermore,, it informs you from time to time, by the way of interviews, about issues related to employment.The magazine also aims to provide information and advice concerning human resources in sectors stretching from workers? rights to job interviews or training and further education opportunities.

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Training or further education may be your choice, but where do you start and what opportunities exist? This section will answer these questions for you and even more. Take advantage of this information in order to make the right choices in shaping your career.
A new entity in Neuchâtel
 A new entity in NeuchâtelIt is indeed a rather particular assembly which was created in Neuchâtel at the request of the Council of State. The public providers of training for adults gather under the same roof, the CEFNA; behind this given abbreviation is hidden the name for the "Centre de Formation Neuchâtelois pour Adultes". In this task, the Chief of the cantonal commission of the continuing education is assisted by a committee gathering the directors of different given organs: the "Centre professionnel du Littoral neuchâtelois" (CPLN), "Centre interrégional de formation des Montagnes neuchâteloises" (CIFOM), "Centre cantonal de formation professionnelle des métiers du bâtiment" (CPMB) and the

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