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Presentation of JobticMag

Jobticmag is a human resources magazine associated with the gateway

Jobticmag informs you regularly with the latest news about the job market.

Furthermore,, it informs you from time to time, by the way of interviews, about issues related to employment.The magazine also aims to provide information and advice concerning human resources in sectors stretching from workers? rights to job interviews or training and further education opportunities.

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Conflicts happen, even if we wish you the fewest possible. Where there is tension, there are solutions to be found far from the law courts, which should be reserved only for the most extreme cases. Take note! Your working atmosphere is one of the keys to success!Conflicts at work can affect the professional life.
Work Peace
 Work Peace From France to Switzerland, there is an entirely different approach to the employer/employee conflict. While in France the trend is to "go on strike first, negotiate later", to quote Catherine Aebischer, in Switzerland we have a long tradition of social peace going back to the 1930's and the Great Depression. In that tormented era - fascists and communists are fighting in the street for a reorganisation of society - the Swiss people felt threatened in their neutrality and it is in this context that the work peace agreement is signed, in July 1937, between the metallurgy unions and the general body of employers. This is what we call a CWC, a collective work convention. And even though

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Managing Stress
Conflicts    25-09-2008
 Managing Stress   It is no secret that stress in the workplace is a recurring cause of tensions between co-workers. Maybe you have experienced yourself the feeling of losing control of event...

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