The prize Möbius for

Career management - 25 July 2008

The ATS (Agence Télégraphique Suisse) source shares with us the mention obtained by the portal The Swiss 2008 Möbius Prize in the category "Education and Training". The jury's justification: for the efficiency of a project concretely and currently responding to the consultants' needs." The demonstration was supported by RTSI (Radio Televisione Svizzera Italiana), the Republic and canton of Ticino (through the "Division de la formation professionnelle and the "Division de la culture du Département de l'éducation, de la culture et du sport"), not to mention the Swiss Confederation. This year, the traditional Multimedia Möbius Prize of Lugano broadened its canvass field in order to inaugurate the first edition of the Swiss Möbius Prize with three new categories: Integration, cultural Patrimony and Education and Training.

SAVARINO, project collaborator in Ticino of the site, was looking forward to it on the occasion of a telephonic interview: "The nomination and the recognition that were granted to us enhance the value of our site. They act as an additional stimulating effect to better and concretize always more and in a way that the line is always even more precise than we have followed since its creation, in 1989, of this site. An improvement was brought since several weeks, thanks to a brief and targeted video presenting everytime a new job, and this, for the time being, in French and in German." The site displays information on the different aspects of vocational training and the Swiss educational system. It supports the young people when they choose their first profession and the adults in their career choice. On warrant of cantons, the site was managed by the new centre "Centre Suisse de Services Formation Professionnelle l'orientation professionnelle, universitaire et de carrière" (CSFO). The CSFO produces specialized documentation and means of information for vocational training and orientation, develops documents for the qualification procedures (final exams of apprenticeship) and is in charge of the continuing education of professionals in the fields of orientation and the non academic part of vocational training.